Spark RD Goomalling Clearing sale

23rd March 2019 10am start

Photos can be found here

Preliminary list

Shed Trusses

Old Bale Loader

Old Bag Loader

Old Vehicle Rims

Tubs of Insulators

Water Fittings (Shelf Lots)

Old CBH Grain Elevator Complete

30 Disc Plough

22 Disc Plough


Heavy Duty Ripper

Old Electric Motors

Fordson Tractor K/P

Hay Rake

Old Lawn Rollers

Old Belts, etc

Manual Stone Wheels

Shed Trusses

Old Shearing O/H Drives

2 Old Drill Presses

Quantity of tailshafts

Grossley Bros Limited Manchester Motor

Old Chevrolet Truck (Nearly Restored)

2nd Old Truck

Drums of Oil/Grease

Multiple 1 + 2 Stand Shearing Plants

3 Shelves of assorted clutter

Anvils – 3 Wheel Trike

Old Timber Wool press

Toyota 6000 Tip Truck

Grain Auger + Bin

Heavy Duty Press

Extension Ladder (wooden)

Ecosomic Mangle

Old Hand Trolley

Old Wasp Motors

Cooper – Lister – Genius Motors

2 Spark Plug Cleaners

Block and Tackle

Elect Denbigh Drill Press

317 New Holland Bailer

Old Linc Welder – VW Motor

IE Ledger – Belt DR Miling Machine

2 Sunshine Motors

Bert Drive Lathe

Forbes Lathe

4 Cyc Lister Motor

Hydraulic Workshop Press

Motor Stands

300 Star Pickets

50 Bottle Jacks

Old Wall Mounted Phone

Old Bottles

5 Bay Lamp Trailer Table

Scarifier Points

Combine Points

Lots of Insulators

Quantity of Cori Iron

Quantity of Railway crossing Lights

3 Hand Malbouroug Ploughs


HD 9 Run Disc Seeder

HD Sunshine AL Harvester

Ballarat Motor

Moffate Motor

Southern Cross

Gray Motor

Lister Motor

Kelly Purvis Motor

Imperial Motors

30 Platform Scales

Milk Cans

8 Small Petrol Motors

Buffalo Forge

20 Texco and Other wooden Boxes

Flat Bed Lathe

Large Lister Genset

Old Copper Shearing Plant on Wheels

Rushton Motor

Pilot Motor

Windor Motor

Seed Grader and Pickler on Wheels


3 HD McDonald Genset on Original Transport

Wolsley Motor on Original Wheels

1 HC Shear-plant on wheels

Simplicity Horizontal Motor

Ideal Dry Pickler

The Linton Seed Grader

ISEKI 2160 Tractor TPL

4 Wheels M/Bike

3 Cyl Air Compressor (Ingersoll Rand)

Hand Grain Grister

Kids – Bikes and Cars

Old Chase Lounge

Lots of Salter Scales

Lots of Scale Weights

Power hacksaw

Metal Bender and Scheer

Valve Grinder

Old Vice

Air Compressor

Oxy Set

Transsarc Welder

Cement Mixer

Cut off saw

Grocery Scales

Crossley 10HP Motor

Newway 5 HP Motor

McDonald Diesel Motor

Pump with Motor

Jap Engines

Cooper and Moffat Virtue Motors

Old Dual Wheel Truck

Gray Motor on Transport

Woosley Motor on Transport

Air Compressor

Howard – Bagshaw Seed Grader

Lister Motors

711 SP Header

30FT Culti Bar

Inter 571 Combine

Shed Trusses

Lots of Timber

Old Horse Cart

IHC Cast Motor

Yeoman of England Tractor

Super 70 Chamberlain Conversion – Nissan 3 Cyl Motor