Northam to Advance

At last, Northam is growing.


 The following projects are now a little more than a pipe dream and are expected to be completed by 2019.




New addition to the Northam hospital at a cost of approx. $54M.

They have started to move into the new section of the hospital ready for a full opening in the early stages of the new year. 


Installation of Dome Cafe in the old Shamrock Hotel - approx $4M. 

Demolition of the Old Hospital site estimated at $25m. 
The demolition of the old hospital on Wellington st made way for the Northam Village Square. Opening up in the new village we now have a huge Coles store, Aldi, Best & Less, Treasure & Pets & Sweet Affair Café. Currently a vacant store in the complex, what’s next?


Bilya Koort Boodja is the new centre next to the Northam Visitors Centre and it is now open!


  1. Proposed aged facility at the Golf Estate.

    New Ambulance Depo and training centre at an estimated cost of $3m combined. 


In summary,


We have been waiting for this activity to become a reality for approx 50 years.


It is apparent with the substantial amount of money being spent in the Town that Northam

may realise its potential and become "Avon City" and the central hub for the agricultural

and industrial centre for the central Wheatbelt. 


The growth of the region is out lined in an article from the Australian financial review written by Su-Lin Tan. 


Please see the link below.